The Basics: I do not have a photographic studio which keeps my overhead low, this provides me the ability to provide you a unique service - I come to you! I will bring the necessary equipment to your home, club, or any other location. I keep my costs as low as possible while providing you with top quality photographs at a very reasonable price. I work during the weekday evenings or weekends, and in addition I do not charge for the time or costs to travel to your location!

I accept most major credit cards, personal checks, and cash (of course) for your convenience. Payment is expected once the shoot at the location is finished, digital products are delivered within one week after the shoot, prints are delivered to you within 10 days. I provide all of the original JPG master images from your shoot, the edited files selected by you are color and level balanced and any other small adjustments I judge are necessary. The images from my equipment are 16 to 24 megapixel files saved in highest JPG quality. All images are available for professional printing with optional cropping, matting, and framing from your password protected album within my website.

I reserve the right to use any images to promote my business, but I do not sell prints of the images without your permission or release.

Personal Portraits: These are ideal for your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or anywhere you promote yourself. I will provide a minimum of two high-res Photoshop-edited JPG files and will re-size them to fit your needs if you know the resolution you need. All you need to do is provide is a room within which I can set up a background and a few strobes/flashes, a room 10' x 12' is excellent but I can work with less, and I can work outside if you choose.
First hour $80, subsequent hours prorated at $60/hour.

Group Portraits: These are ideal for family shots, promotion of your band, sports team, or business. I can provide a backdrop which provides room for up to 5 people, or I can work outside in any location. I am very creative with lighting and colors, and I enjoy the challenge of an unusual location! These are best shot in the late afternoon, evening, or even at night. Similar to the personal portraits, I provide at least 2 high-res edited digital files, more with shoots over an hour.
First hour $90, subsequent hours prorated at $60/hour.

Event / Performance: This is especially suited for bands, sports teams, or groups who want top quality shots. In most cases I can use the available light but I can provide up to three wireless flashes to compensate for clubs, restaurants, or other locations which do not have good quality light. Natural light is always the best, especially for musical performances, but I can work wherever you need me to. All digital files and up to 5 high-res digital files are provided which can then be used on your website or other electronic media. HD videos are also available!
First hour $70, subsequent hours prorated at $60/hour.